The Kingel website!

Updated: 03.11.2020

This is yet another site supporting GNU, Linux and other open source software. These pages concentrates on Linux and programming using Pascal, Rexx and PHP/HTML. If you're looking for Windows-only related stuff, you could have made better choices, but everyone is welcome. ;-)

These pages are still in development and has been for a long time, but while I can get around to improve them, I hope you can find some useful stuff about Linux, programming (especially Pascal) and so on - including some simple Pascal programs and such in my file archive.

Hope you can find useful information or links here (probably most in Norwegian) and other stuff of interest, such as Pascal-programming and PHP and Rexx-scripting (the latter is a must-have for a former OS/2-user!). On the Download page there a few small utilities I have written in Pascal and a little more.

"And then Bill Gates came and seriously altered peoples perception about what an Operating System is".

Richard Stallmann

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur.
(What is expressed in Latin is concidered important)