About Kingel.net

Updated: 27.11.2021

Wecome to my simple home page. These pages are developed using the excellent Bluefish HTML-editor and PHP. The pages are mostly tested on Mozilla (1.1) webbrowser, but should do OK on most other browsers to (if you find any irregularities, please let me know).

The word 'kingel' is an, nowadays, not often used norwegian word for spider. As the 'world wide web' is an association toward a (virtual) spider web, 'kingel' should fit nicely as a metaphor for a website. In fact 'kingel.net' could be translated into English as 'spider.web' (although 'kingelvev' would be more accurate). Other than that, this site has nothing to do with spiders (or spiderman)!

Since you're reading this page, you are probably not Norwegian or even Scandinavian. Allow me then (well if you don't, just stop reading ;-) to tell you that I live far north in Norway, and as in most parts of Norway - perhaps especially northern Norway - the scenery here is very beautiful. The weather, OTOH, is not always that cooperative - but few come here to sun bath, more likely they come to experience the nature! And, hopefully, the midnight sun (in the summer time, of course! In the winter time there is the northern light). ;-)

Most pages are in norwegian or both norwegian and english. If you have a reasonably featured web browser it should choose (hopefully) the correct language for you. More specifically: you will be presented for norwegian text if your browser is set up to accept norwegian and to prefer norwegian over english - otherwise english is your alternative. There is (at present) no option for "manual" selection of language - you have to configure it in your browser.

Arne Hanssen