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Updated: 13.09.2020

Zip files:

File nameSize Latest updateDescription (click for extensive description) 47 KB11.07.2005Calc + Excel spreadsheet for code crossword solving
LeverandorEksport.exe 287 KB11.07.2005(No description available)
qpdfgui.exe 2492 KB11.07.2005(No description available) 2602 KB11.06.2018QPDF GUI Front end 4 KB21.03.2000CGI webpage hit counter 37 KB19.08.2004Compare files ver. 0.4 3 KB27.08.2000Simple hex editor 33 KB29.05.2004Change text files ver. 0.92 34 KB17.08.2004Compare file directories ver. 0.7.1
Fjernhjelp.exe 18144 KB11.03.2020Teamviewer remote help 57 KB11.11.2002Source lister with syntax highlight 30 KB11.07.2005Calc + Excel spreadsheet for SUDOKU solving 2 KB27.09.1999Convert DOS/UNIX text files 106 KB06.03.2001(No description available)

The smallest archives do not include executables, just the source code.


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