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Updated: 18.05.2022

Directory Compare is a program intended to compare files in two directories (or optionally two whole directory trees) to see if files are identical or which exists only in source or target directory. When comparing trees, only source tree is compared against target so any diretory in target that don't exist in source will be neglected (you could swap source and target parameters to test "both ways" but ideally both trees should be identical). 'dircomp' can "update" target by moving files only existing in source to target and deleting identical files from source resulting in only unidentical remaining in source for manual inspection. By indentical files

All pascal sources should compile with Virtual Pascal (OS/2 and Windows) and/or Free Pascal Compiler (OS/2, Windows, Linux and other). You are free to use (AT YOUR OWN RISK!) the programs as you please even if I may cling on to copyrights and such (except when explicit stating otherwise, f.ex. when GPL is stated). Anyway I would very much apreciate any updates, buxfixes a.s.o. which is returned to me! ;-)

Arne Hanssen