File descriptions

Updated: 18.05.2022

String Replace is a program targeted for changing lines in ASCII text files. Its main purpose is automated changing contents of INI-files and such and may be somewhat specialised but should be suited for any manipulation of plain text files where old and new content is well defined. Read the instructions carefully as the program options is essential to achieve the desired result. You can test if search string occurs more than once (and fail or continue upon that test) and/or operate only within given file sections (typically devided by [SECTION] keywords within ini-files).

All pascal sources should compile with Virtual Pascal (OS/2 and Windows) and/or Free Pascal Compiler (OS/2, Windows, Linux and other). You are free to use (AT YOUR OWN RISK!) the programs as you please even if I may cling on to copyrights and such (except when explicit stating otherwise, f.ex. when GPL is stated). Anyway I would very much apreciate any updates, buxfixes a.s.o. which is returned to me! ;-)

Arne Hanssen