Linux documentation

Updated: 05.02.2011

These are my notes regarding Linux setup, hopefully useful for other than myself. Initially based on Red Hat Linux versions 6.2 and 7.3, but starting from Dec 20. 2004 my server is running Debian (sarge) - leaving MDK 10.0 - and the docs will be adapted to Debian. I've been using Mandrake Linux (MDK) version 10.1 on my desktop, but on Oct 15. 2005 I installed Ubuntu 5.10 (I was just waiting for this release as a test install of 5.04 was not quite satisfying). After that I've been stuck to Ubuntu and from version 10.10. the 64 bit version is used.

The notes are devided in server related stuff and ditto work station related. But information is often related to both targets - i.e. client information may reside under the server stuff.

This documentation is "under construction" and some is very incomplete, other notes very accurate. Also there are quotes from other sources which is pasted in with little or no editorial effort. And, for you not understanding norwegian, most, if not all, of it is in norwegian! ;-(