Summary of latest changes

Updated: 03.11.2020
Moved to Domeneshop.
Prepared to close down, replacing it with as my new site. is up and running from this day.
Removed obsolete links and so on.
Introduced an IBAN calculator in the "gadgets" section. (Norwegian bank account numbers only!)
Created a "gadgets" section containing CDV verifier and a random tagline (mostly in norwegian). Minor adjustments on the front page buttons.
The files archive is updated with a spreadsheet to support SUDOKU puzzles solving. Versions both for Open Office and MS Office. In addition I have made an Open Office version of my spreadsheet that helps solving code crosswords.
Changed ISP to which I'm very pleased with - reasonable pricing and virus and spam filtering included at no extra cost.
Some more links and updated my Linux documentation (mostly norwegian stuff). My server at home is migrated to Debian sarge and my docs will continue to be updated accordingly.
Verified contact info against XHTML 1.0 and corrected a javascript error and included an english version. Also translated search function into english.
Verified pages against XHTML 1.0 except forum which is not my doing.
Now more extensive descriptions of the files in the Download section are made available. Additionally the 'filecomp' program is uploaded. This program compare files with different file names within one directory (tree) looking for duplicates.
Uploadet the program 'dircomp' to file archive, a program that compares two directories in order to, f.ex., find redundant file copies. Updated links and corrected the menu (now indicating what is the active page by disabling the corresponding menu item link).